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About Rohde's Feed & Garden

Rohde’s Feed & Garden is your local family owned and operated feed and garden store. Customer service is our number one priority. We carry a wide range of livestock & wildlife feeds, animal health products, fencing, lawn and garden supplies and a large selection of locally raised meat including beef, lamb, pork and chicken. We take pride in knowing our customers are satisfied with our products and services and we will help fill your order before you complete the payment process. Stop by or call us today and see how we can serve you and your needs best.

We proudly carry the following brands:

Famo Feeds Hubbard
Kinetic Performance Dog Food Show-Rite

August Specials & Products of Interest

  • WE ARE HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE WE NOW CARRY ORGANIC AND NON-GMO FEEDS: Organic feeds include alfalfa pellets and 16% Goat feed. Non-GMO feeds include 16% layer, 22% chick starter, 19% chick grower and 16% Lactating Goat (no soy formula). Also available in 2000# totes. More varieties available. Call the store at 218.751.2764 for details.
  • Baler Twine – 16,000 ft. round baler (hemp) just $49.95/bale. Plastic round and square baler twine also available.
  • Winter Rye – winter rye supplies are currently tight. With new crop coming in later this month, we hope to have winter rye in stock in early August. General Recommendations: Best to plant no later than August 15th to allow time for growth if using as a fall food plot. Seeding rates are 60-90# per acre. Generally 1 bu. per acre is enough if you are also seeding radishes, brassicas, turnips, etc. with the rye.
  • RF&G Sweet Mix Bear Bait – 50# just $14.95. Designed to be used to top dress bait piles to attract and hold bear at your bait. A corn base with sugar, beet pulp, dried and liquid molasses, soy oil and wild berry flavoring.
  • Liquid Molasses – available in bulk…..bring your clean pails or 2.5 gallon jugs. Just $2.95/gallon.
  • Trees – all remaining apple, apricot and plum trees priced from $39.95 - $43.95. We also still have Norway, White Spruce, Elderberry, Lilacs, High Bush Cranberries, Dolgo Crab trees, raspberry, rhubarb and asparagus plants in stock.
  • Fertilizer – we carry several different blends of dry fertilizers for your lawn, garden and food plot needs…..including 19-19-19, 27-0-24, 0-0-60, 46-0-0 and several liquid foliar varieties.
  • Hubbard Senior Horse Feed – 50# bag just $17.60 …. buy 10 and get one free with Hubbard’s frequent buyer card. Your net cost on 11 bags is just $16.00 per bag!
  • Rice Bran Oil - $29.95/gallon… An excellent source of supplemental fat (energy) to help working or older horses maintain weight.
  • NEW!!!! RF&G Hi Fat and Fiber Premium Horse Feed. A high energy, lower starch formula used to add weight to thin or older horses. Oat based with beet pulp, soy oil, dried vegetable fat, high levels of biotin, vitamins, minerals and probiotics……..at a fraction of the price of brand name products. $19.95/50#. Buy 500# and save even more. Call store for details.
  • Deer Blocks – 25# blocks just $10.95. Choose from alfalfa, corn or sugar beet.
  • Food Plot Seed – we sell our seed by the pound for those who want to make their own blends or select from several pre-packed blends. Brassicas, Dwarf Essex Rape, Radishes, Turnips, Rutabagas, Alfalfa, Sugar Beets along with Red, Dutch White and Alsike clovers. Now is the time to plant for fall food plots!
  • Show Feeds – We stock show feeds from FAMO, Hubbard, Show Rite and Big Gain ……or we can make show feeds using commercial pre-mixes and supplements and local grains to save you money.
  • From The Farm (Home raised and Federally Inspected Meats)
    • Pork Roasts - $2.99/lb
    • Pork Chop: Bone in & Boneless
    • St. Louis Style Ribs - $2.95/lb (full racks
    • Brats: Jalapeño & Cheese, Cheese, Wild Rice, Mild & Italian
    • Meat Bundles
    • Old Fashioned Hot Dogs & Wieners
    • Beef Jerky
    • Beef Sticks
    • Chicken
    • Lamb Chops, Burger & Shanks
  • Chaffhaye – High protein, cold fermented hay in a bag. Excellent for older horses, rabbits and milking goats. Weed free and highly digestible. We also stock compressed bales of dry alfalfa hay, timothy and alfalfa pellets (organic and conventional)
  • Hay – First crop alfalfa/grass square bales now available at the store….Second crop hay and straw arriving soon. Need hay? Call Joel at 218.766.7817 for off the field pricing.
  • Kinetic Dog Food – 26K formula; No corn, wheat or soy formulation; 35# bags just $42.25 – Plus buy 10 bags get one free - brings your net cost down to just $38.40/bag…The best dog food value in town!


(While Supplies Last)

"Quality Products - Reasonable Prices"

Animal Products - Rohde's Feed & Garden - Bemidji, MN - rodesfeedandgarden.com
Animal Products - Rohde's Feed & Garden - Bemidji, MN - rodesfeedandgarden.com
Local Feed Dealer - Rohde's Feed & Garden - Bemidji, MN - rodesfeedandgarden.com



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