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About Rohde's Feed & Garden

Rohde’s Feed & Garden is your local family owned and operated feed and garden store. Customer service is our number one priority. We carry a wide range of livestock & wildlife feeds, animal health products, fencing, lawn and garden supplies and a large selection of locally raised meat including beef, lamb, pork and chicken. We take pride in knowing our customers are satisfied with our products and services and we will help fill your order before you complete the payment process. Stop by or call us today and see how we can serve you and your needs best.

We proudly carry the following brands:

Famo Feeds Hubbard
Kinetic Performance Dog Food Show-Rite

February Specials & Products of Interest:

  • Save $1.00 per bag on Hubbard Senior and Cool Command (low starch) Horse Feeds……plus buy 10 and get one free with our frequent buyer card.
  • Organic, All Natural Seed Starter Mixes.
  • Square bales of bright oat straw - $4.50 ea.
  • Rice Bran Oil - $29.95/gallon… An excellent source of supplemental fat (energy) to help working or older horses maintain weight.
  • NEW!!!! RF&G Hi Fat and Fiber Premium Horse Feed. A high energy, lower starch formula used to add weight to thin or older horses. Oat based with beet pulp, soy oil, dried vegetable fat, high levels of biotin, vitamins, minerals and probiotics……..at half the price of brand name products. $19.95 - 50# bag.
  • Deer Blocks – 25# block @ $10.95. Alfalfa, corn or sugar beet flavors.
  • RF&G Deer Feed (Corn, Sunflowers and a supplement pellet containing protein, vitamins, minerals and probiotics). No screening pellets. 50# bag just $9.95
  • From The Rohde Farm (Home raised and Federally Inspected Meats):
    • Pork shoulder roasts and picnic hams……just $1.99/#
    • 1# packages of breakfast sausage…..3 for $10
    • Pork loin and sirloin pork chops. Bone in and boneless.
  • NEW!!!! Hubbard Opti Prime Colostrum Replacement. 150 grams/# of Globulin Protein. Essential for newborn calves, lambs or kids that have not received any colostrum or the quality of the maternal colostrum is poor.
  • Chaffhaye – High protein, cold fermented hay in a bag. Excellent for older horses, rabbits and milking goats. Weed free and highly digestible. 50# compressed bales.
  • 2019 Baby Chick Order Forms and Catalogs have arrived. Stop by the store for a color catalog and pricing. Chickens, Geese, Turkeys, wild game birds and more!
  • 26K Kinetic Dog Food – No corn, wheat or soy formulation; 35# bags just $40.50 – Plus buy 10 bags get one free! Best quality and value in town!



"Quality Products - Reasonable Prices"

Animal Products - Rohde's Feed & Garden - Bemidji, MN - rodesfeedandgarden.com
Animal Products - Rohde's Feed & Garden - Bemidji, MN - rodesfeedandgarden.com
Local Feed Dealer - Rohde's Feed & Garden - Bemidji, MN - rodesfeedandgarden.com



Monday-Friday: 8-5 | Saturday: 8-12


405 Railroad St. SW Bemidji, MN 56601

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Joel & Polly Rohde

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Cody & Stacy Rohde

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